Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Marietta

A lovely smile is one of the greatest assets a person can have. It provides self-confidence and brings a positive vibe to those around you. Though not all of us are born with that beautiful smile, today’s advances in orthodontic treatment, such as Soft Tissue Laser Treatment, can change your life.

Lasers are becoming more popular in the treatment of orthodontic issues. Soft Tissue Laser treatment uses lasers to adjust and correct excess gum tissue in the mouth. The benefits of this treatment include faster healing time, reduced swelling and bleeding, and less chance for infection.

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What is Soft Tissue Laser Treatment?

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment is a cutting-edge orthodontic solution. Gum tissue is what we call a “frame” for your mouth. A laser can “sculpt” gums around teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing look. These tools are highly versatile and very precise. They can provide more comfortable orthodontic treatments with less treatment time and no pain.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Some patients have gums that extend too far down onto the upper front teeth, making the teeth appear small. Conversely, there can be excess gum tissue above the teeth, which makes the teeth seem exceptionally large. Soft Tissue Laser Treatment can re-contour or remove excess gum tissue to ensure that the gum height is perfect for that individual’s appearance, providing a more balanced, symmetrical smile. Lasers can seal nerve endings, stop bleeding and are used without a numbing injection, causing less pain to the patient. This treatment reduces inflammation, offering patients greater comfort and faster healing.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment can also be used on impacted teeth, which can lead to problems like infection, pain and even jaw misalignment. Laser treatment can be used to help impacted teeth grow into the mouth. In most cases, the tooth will likely need to be aligned following laser treatment.

Our expert orthodontists can provide Soft Tissue Laser Treatments for numerous issues. Call us today for more information on this breakthrough technology.

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